Dancehall artist Radijah seems to be the man that is in the news mostly in recent times. Early this morning at a local weekly street dance, Radijah and his former manager Stashment of Stashment Records was in an altercation.

Stashment pushed and then was about to kick Radijah, when a member of the Deejay’s entourage, who is a licensed fire arm holder pulled his gun and fired a shot. Stashment who was frighten stumbled and fell to the ground, missing the shot.

The crowd at the event then all screamed and scatter at the sound of the gun shot.

Only a few months ago Radijah’s car was shot at while leaving an event in the Riverton community, the dancehall artiste says he is lucky to have escaped the attack with his life.

Radijah explained that he is still surprised by the incident as he has no beef with anyone.

“I don’t have any issues with anybody. I used to work with a label from there and we don’t work no more, but as far as I know, we don’t have any beef. I was at a party and I was getting ready to leave for a next one. As I stopped at an intersection to let through a car, I saw a masked man approaching the car digging for his waist,” he said, adding that he reported the matter to the police.

Only yesterday the Deejay made news headlines stating that he was being discriminated against by Foota Hype who refused to play his songs because the unusual tattoo over his left eye conflicts with Foota Hype’s new ‘religious beliefs’.

According to the Walk Like A Dog artiste, Foota Hype has likened his tattoo to the Freemasons symbol.

“Mi go to Foota Hype with me song, Nutten Likkle, but him say the song alright, but him a God-man now, and him don’t support things like what me do with the Freemason tattoo on mi face. Him say how it woulda look to people who respect him fi know that him say righteousness and a play artiste with Freemason tattoo on dem face?,” Radijah explained.