Usain Bolt has officially defended his title as the fastest man alive, and that gold medal haul will only add to the legacy of Jamaica’s greatest athlete.

But Olympic medals aren’t the only hardware Bolt loves, especially where speed is concerned. He’s also the proud owner of an impressive collection of sports cars, and he’s not afraid of showing them off. Check out eight pictures below that highlight Bolt’s world-class garage.

A Need For Speed

Usain Bolt's Car Collection
Bolt posts his signature move in front of a Ferrari 458, which has a sticker price of only $291,000.


Life In The Fast Lane

Usain Bolt's Car Collection
The Ferrari F430, which you have to think Bolt has a hard time slipping inside. Good thing it has a convertible top.

More Horsepower

Usain Bolt's Car Collection
Bolt slips into the passenger of a Ferrari convertible, not to be mistaken for a Mustang.

One Just Isn’t Enough

Usain Bolt's Car Collection
The sprinter brings home his luxury sports cars two-by-two, apparently.
Love At First Sight
Usain Bolt's Car Collection
That right there is a BMW M3, and if you can’t already tell, Bolt’s a big fan.

‘Tis But A Scratch

Usain Bolt's Car Collection
A sobering reality about luxury cars, though: Even the most expensive vehicle can get totaled.

Needs A New Grill

Usain Bolt's Car Collection
Another view of the wrecked BMW, which Bolt crashed in 2009. Amazingly, he suffered only minor injuries.

Hasn’t Lost Its Shine

Usain Bolt's Car Collection
Check out this beauty: a matte finish on a futuristic-looking luxury car. Then again, when you’re spending six figures on a vehicle, “futuristic” is an expectation.

Gold Nissan G-TR

Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt of Jamaica poses for a photo with his gold coloured GT-R.

WHEN you are the fastest man in the world, it makes sense you would like fast cars.

As if going for three 100m gold medals in three successive Olympic Games wasn’t enough, Usain Bolt is trying to achieve another triple — he wants a third Nissan GT-R.

The genuine car enthusiast first fell in love with the car after fellow Jamaican athlete Asafa Powell told him to look at the model.

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